Paraieta: L’Appel du Vide

Draenor Prime The walls trembled. Dust clogged her nose and mouth when she opened it to scream and all that emerged was a strangled, choking gurgle. Soot stung in her eyes and a falling chunk of debris nearly knocked her to the ground. She was searching for something. Searching, but for what? The sound of… Continue reading Paraieta: L’Appel du Vide

Aveith: Introduction

They told him that he likely answered to another name, once. An elf name. The woman who brought him from the Court of Bones to Acherus suggested that, with the right connections and the right incentive, it might be possible to find out who he had once been. He considered it unnecessary. They called him… Continue reading Aveith: Introduction

That Artifact Shuffle

Since my last update on artifacts, I’ve completed a total of 14 artifact scenarios across 12 characters (my priest is the only one who has all of hers unlocked). It’s been a long and rather interesting journey to get this far. I’ve got one character who still needs an artifact, my Alliance demon hunter. This… Continue reading That Artifact Shuffle

Legion at One Week

It’s Tuesday again, folks. Legion has been live for seven days. Every morning I scroll through my Twitter feed to see who has hit level cap overnight. The excitement is still there, at least for many of the people in my social media circles. Everywhere I look people are posting screenshots of Suramar or their… Continue reading Legion at One Week

In Which I Am Prepared

I promise, someday we’ll all stop making “you are not prepared” jokes. Today is not that day. It has been more than 24 hours since Legion went live on North American servers. My social media feeds are crammed to bursting with excited players documenting their progress towards level 110 via screenshots, achievements, and only an… Continue reading In Which I Am Prepared

On the First Day of Legion, Blizzard Ent. Gave to Me

It was 10:30 PM CST on the night before Legion’s launch. My girlfriend and I had just finished our fifth invasion of the night on our level 92 Druids. Characters we began leveling months ago when she first resubscribed to WoW (in no small part due to my bad influence) had skipped two whole expansions’… Continue reading On the First Day of Legion, Blizzard Ent. Gave to Me