Paraieta: L’Appel du Vide

Draenor Prime The walls trembled. Dust clogged her nose and mouth when she opened it to scream and all that emerged was a strangled, choking gurgle. Soot stung in her eyes and a falling chunk of debris nearly knocked her to the ground. She was searching for something. Searching, but for what? The sound of… Continue reading Paraieta: L’Appel du Vide

Lorecraft / Headcanon: The Draenei and Time

On the Draenei and timekeeping… Though time itself is a linear dimension (in real-world physics, anyway, and if you disregard the philosophical discourse regarding how we experience time), the ways in which different peoples measure its passage varies considerably. Even people who inhabit the same planet may employ separate methods for timekeeping. On Earth, there… Continue reading Lorecraft / Headcanon: The Draenei and Time

Paraieta: Out of the Shadow, Light

Silence in the Sanctum of Shadow was as heavy and tangible as a woolen blanket. Despite Netherlight Temple‚Äôs high ceilings and the number of priests coming and going throughout the day, the whole place maintained an atmosphere of hushed reverence. This was doubly true in the Sanctum of Shadow. Across the temple, in the Sanctum… Continue reading Paraieta: Out of the Shadow, Light