Aveith: Introduction

They told him that he likely answered to another name, once. An elf name. The woman who brought him from the Court of Bones to Acherus suggested that, with the right connections and the right incentive, it might be possible to find out who he had once been. He considered it unnecessary. They called him… Continue reading Aveith: Introduction

Aveith: Journey to Acherus

The monster’s escort to Acherus never bothered introducing herself, so neither did he. The frost wyrm, untroubled by fatigue, flew nonstop until they reached the southernmost reaches of the Howling Fjord. Here, for the first time, he saw the skeletal outposts the Horde and Alliance left behind when the war in the north ended. “Vengeance… Continue reading Aveith: Journey to Acherus

Aveith: The Last Holdout

Fwhump. Fwhump. Fwuhmp. Fwhump. The ever-present layer of snow covering the broad courtyard at the foot of Icecrown Citadel muffled all sound, even the heavy footfalls of the plate-clad monster pacing slowly from one end of the Court of Bones to the other. Once, this area teemed with Scourge – the Lich King’s mounted commanders and… Continue reading Aveith: The Last Holdout