The First Non-Warcraft Post

I suppose I never explicitly stated whether this would be a Warcraft-specific blog or not. I’m likely to blog about many hobbies here – cosplay, dolls, gaming, etc. Warcraft may be a large portion of the content, but it won’t account for 100%. I’ll have to start tagging things so that people can read only… Continue reading The First Non-Warcraft Post

Distractions Large, Distractions Small

For most of my adult life (so far, anyway), I’ve been the kind of person who goes through phases of hyper-interest in a hobby, followed by periods of apathy and occasional bouts of anxiety before returning to the hyper-interest stage. I can easily pinpoint Mists of Pandaria as being one such period of hyper-interest. I… Continue reading Distractions Large, Distractions Small