Queen’s Gambit

Jevrell Starcaller, Highborne arcanist and matriarch of one of the oldest noble families in Eldre’thalas, stood at the edge of Krasus’ Landing and peered over the edge of the floating isle. Far below, the ivory spires of Suramar City clawed upward, glowing pale lavender and rosy gold in the pre-dawn light. It was just as… Continue reading Queen’s Gambit

Lorecraft / Headcanon: The Draenei and Time

On the Draenei and timekeeping… Though time itself is a linear dimension (in real-world physics, anyway, and if you disregard the philosophical discourse regarding how we experience time), the ways in which different peoples measure its passage varies considerably. Even people who inhabit the same planet may employ separate methods for timekeeping. On Earth, there… Continue reading Lorecraft / Headcanon: The Draenei and Time