Paraieta: Out of the Shadow, Light

Silence in the Sanctum of Shadow was as heavy and tangible as a woolen blanket. Despite Netherlight Temple’s high ceilings and the number of priests coming and going throughout the day, the whole place maintained an atmosphere of hushed reverence. This was doubly true in the Sanctum of Shadow. Across the temple, in the Sanctum… Continue reading Paraieta: Out of the Shadow, Light

Ediora: The Summoner’s Circle

Ediora Sutherland checked her own work against the diagram in the tome she held. For the third time, she scanned every line and scribble, every dot and whorl of the spell inked onto the heavy vellum page. Her own lines in chalk on the scrubbed flagstones of the secret chamber beneath her master’s study gleamed… Continue reading Ediora: The Summoner’s Circle