That Artifact Shuffle

wowscrnshot_091516_211859Since my last update on artifacts, I’ve completed a total of 14 artifact scenarios across 12 characters (my priest is the only one who has all of hers unlocked). It’s been a long and rather interesting journey to get this far. I’ve got one character who still needs an artifact, my Alliance demon hunter. This is one of the two classes I have duplicated in the Alt Army. My Horde rogue went for the Assassination artifact first, my Alliance one went Outlaw (because the world needs more salty Kaldorei pirates right?). My Horde demon hunter has the Aldrachi Warblades so my Alliance one will go for the Twinblades of the Deceiver. Eventually there will be repetition, if I ever get around to leveling the Army past 102 and unlock secondary or tertiary artifacts for them.


So far, though, I have not repeated a single artifact scenario.

That’s not to say the whole experience has been without repetition. I know that there have been some players who criticize the game developers for reusing scenario assets. For example: both the Fire Mage and Frost Death Knight artifact scenarios take place in Icecrown Citadel. Arcane Mage and Discipline Priest both require you to go to the Nexus. Retribution Paladin and Vengeance Demon Hunter both utilize the same area of the Broken Isles. While the locations for these scenarios may be the same or in some cases identical, it is the content that gives each their own flavor and sets them apart from the others.

That being said, there are certain scenarios and classes that stand far and above the rest in terms of my own enjoyment of them. Generally, these seem to be the ones where a portion of the scenario is played out before you ever have to choose which weapon to pursue. Warlock, Warrior, Monk, and Mage both fall into this category. The class fantasy begins before you have to decide which spec you’re focusing on, and I think that’s lovely. Then you’ve got the Hunter and Rogue scenarios, which begin with you choosing which artifact to pursue, but only after speaking with someone who knows more about each of these weapons of legend. Less class unity but still a level of immersion beyond “Which of these epic artifacts do you want?”

wowscrnshot_090816_200325That’s not to say that the other artifact scenarios, the ones that begin with a choice of three (or two, or four) weapons before anyone will tell you where to go, are poorly-designed or “bad.” I’ve been enjoying all of the new lore introduced through these quests and artifacts. I have an unrealistic hope that I might be able to play all the way through each of the 12 class campaigns by the end of Legion. I do enjoy certain artifacts more than others – whether because of the lore attached to them or the spec they represent, but all in all I have been extremely pleased with all of these story nuggets. The expansion is a little over two weeks old now and I still feel like there is so much I want to experience and do.

For now, my girlfriend and I are grappling around Stormheim in our quest for treasure (I guess the Aegis of Aggramar? That seems kind of important)  and on errands for Lorna Crowley. If we survive my antics to pick every single Fjarnskaggl node I see, it’ll be on to Val’sharah and the hideous weeping that will accompany that zone.

See you in the Broken Isles!

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