Legion at One Week

It’s Tuesday again, folks. Legion has been live for seven days. Every morning I scroll through my Twitter feed to see who has hit level cap overnight. The excitement is still there, at least for many of the people in my social media circles. Everywhere I look people are posting screenshots of Suramar or their favorite hidden gem in one of the leveling zones, vague-posting about spoilers that have me eagerly anticipating end-of-zone cinematics, and cheering each other on.


As for me, well, I’ve acquired artifacts on five of my level 100 characters. My shadow priest, Paraieta, is level 101 and has complete two of the main story arcs in Azsuna. She has successfully made a contract with a gnome to become a magical girl (or a scribe, I didn’t read the fine print) and unlocked the first of her herbalism ranks for aethril (which has an awesome name, by the way). In the priest class hall, she’s got two actual followers (including Calia Menethil) and a bunch of acolytes doing research for her. Tonight, my girlfriend and I are going to tackle the Falling Star quest.


It feels a bit strange not to be rushing toward 110, knowing that I’ll be doing end-game raiding or PVP as soon as I get there. As of right now, I have no plans for end-game Legion. None. I’ll probably give the new Mythic dungeon system a shot, since several friends have expressed an interest in forming a dedicated 5-man group. That’s all tentative, though.

There is absolutely no pressure on me from anyone to get to 110. Roleplay doesn’t require level-cap, unless it’s taking place in Suramar or somewhere too dangerous for my under-powered characters. I’ve got my Storyline app, so I’m reading quest text as I go and absorbing as much of the game lore as I can. Handynotes is great for putting the locations of treasures on my map, and I have no guilt about spending fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to get to one or two chests.

Will I want to take my time for all thirteen (or more) of my alts? Probably not. But after only a week – one level, five artifacts, and a few profession quests – post-launch, I already feel good about the $60 I spent on this expansion. There are still five zones I haven’t seen, dungeons I haven’t plundered, and all of that other stuff I’ll get around to eventually.


Legion definitely feels like the game developers saying, “We told you that story (Warlords of Draenor) so that we could tell you this one.” I didn’t hate Warlords, but I spent almost the entire xpac leveling alts and by the end of it even I was feeling burned out. It’s too early to tell whether Legion will have the staying power that Warlords didn’t, but I’m optimistic. Maybe it’s because this time I have someone to experience the content with for the first time. Maybe it’s how utterly gorgeous everything is (my screenshot folder is already getting heavy). Maybe it’s the fact that I can do my Class Hall Missions on a phone app.

One week in, things are still looking up.

With that, I’m going back to Azeroth. I’ve got eight more characters who need artifacts, and Paraieta is just dying to know what this Falling Star thing is all about.


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