In Which I Am Prepared

I promise, someday we’ll all stop making “you are not prepared” jokes. Today is not that day.

It has been more than 24 hours since Legion went live on North American servers. My social media feeds are crammed to bursting with excited players documenting their progress towards level 110 via screenshots, achievements, and only an occasional spoiler.

When I finally logged into the game last night at 7:30, I began my Legion playtime by unlocking the artifact weapon for my Draenei shadow priest. Monday, desperate to decide which of my 13 level 100 characters would be the first to experience Legion content, I actually assigned numbers to each alt and used a random number generator. So Sergeant Paraieta was the first of my alt army to get her artifact weapon.

***Minor spoilers ahead for artifact scenarios.***

I won’t go into too much story detail, but I’ll give my first impressions of the four artifact scenarios I experienced last night while playing.

Shadow Priest Artifact – Blade of the Black Empire

This was my first artifact scenario on live. I was apprehensive at first – I tried the outlaw rogue one on beta, but I’ve been playing a rogue since 2009. Shadow priest is still relatively new to me, especially with the Legion changes. I anticipated struggling with the scenario more than I actually did. Paraieta died once when splash damage from Mind Sear pulled a few more mobs than I could manage, but aside from that one death I didn’t have any trouble. I thoroughly enjoyed the lore being presented (I’ve been a fan of the Old Gods ever since Yogg Saron first whispered to me in Howling Fjord), and the scenario was a nice way for me to reintroduce myself to the class and spec. Even moreso than the introduction for freshly-boosted characters, the artifact scenarios serve to give you a low-risk situation in which to try out the new abilities and familiarize yourself with the reworked class fantasy. I did not go into this expecting to love it as much as I did, but I’m thoroughly pleased that I chose to give shadow a chance.

Assassination Rogue – The Kingslayers

As mentioned above, I did the outlaw rogue artifact scenario on beta. After I unlocked the class hall for my priest and got her to the point where she needed to choose where to level first, I swapped over to my original main, my oldest character. Livyani the Seeker, blood elf rogue. I have, at one point or another throughout my time in WoW, played all three rogue specs as a main. Liv has been assassination for the last two expansions, and for roleplay reasons I doubt she’ll ever stray far from that aspect of the rogue fantasy. Now, despite playing a rogue as my main for upwards of seven years, I’m not terribly good at stealth puzzles. You don’t even want to know how long it took me to infiltrate Gilneas in Cataclysm for my Fangs of the Father quest. The only part of the assassination artifact scenario that caused me trouble was sneaking around Stormwind. Everything else was thoroughly entertaining and fit the assassination spec well. I’ve always been more of a “kill first and ask questions later” sort of rogue. So this scenario was right up my alley.

My only complaint is that the artifact daggers themselves sheath on the back rather than at the waist. It’s strange and I don’t like it, but I plan to transmog over them anyway.


Fire Mage – Felo’melorn

This was the first artifact that I picked for the sole purpose of the lore involved in the scenario. With Paraieta, I had already planned to level her as shadow. With Livyani, assassination is her primary spec. My fire mage, Kirembri, has always been specced into arcane. However, looking at the other two artifacts, blood elf lore won out over Guardians of Tirisfal lore. What can I say? I’ve been deeply invested in blood elf roleplay for too long to let Felo’melorn pass me by. I struggled a bit during the scenario because fire is not a spec I’ve played much, but I managed to get through without dying. By the time I had acquired the sword, I was starting to get the hang of the rotation and play style. So for those of you out there interested in artifacts for specs you don’t play, give it a shot. The scenarios themselves are not terribly punishing, and you can unlock a secondary artifact at level 102 even if you end up not enjoying the spec.

I may have to do Alu’neth next. Gosh, that’s a pretty staff.


Vengeance Demon Hunter – Aldrachi Warblades

This was perhaps the most underwhelming of the four scenarios I did last night in pursuit of artifact weapons for the alt army. Not because it didn’t fit my idea of the demon hunter, or even the demon hunter tank spec, but possibly because having just done the starting zone and been bombarded with some awesome backstory and lore, the artifact scenario didn’t have much to distinguish it from Mardum. I do enjoy demon hunters and I look forward to some more lore with them, but on the heels of the starting zone, the artifact quest just pales in comparison.

Hanging out with Allari was pretty awesome, though. And Kor’vas continues to be the most adorable Illidari ever to consume demon flesh.

On tonight’s agenda: wind walker monk, prot warrior, prot paladin, and elemental shaman.

And leveling. I think we might start in Aszuna, because elves.

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