Aveith: The Last Holdout

Fwhump. Fwhump. Fwuhmp. Fwhump. The ever-present layer of snow covering the broad courtyard at the foot of Icecrown Citadel muffled all sound, even the heavy footfalls of the plate-clad monster pacing slowly from one end of the Court of Bones to the other. Once, this area teemed with Scourge – the Lich King’s mounted commanders and… Continue reading Aveith: The Last Holdout

Embracing the Casual Life

In spite of the title of this blog, I think some small part of me has long resisted applying the term “casual” to my own gaming activities. Any time I logged into the game, I felt like I needed to be doing something productive – leveling a new class, grinding achievements or mounts, working on… Continue reading Embracing the Casual Life