The Warlords of Draenor Bucket List

Some folks I know in World of Warcraft set themselves New Years resolutions for 2016. I’m going to do a WoD bucket list instead, as a way to remind myself of all the things I want to get done before Legion hits.

  1. Exalted with all Draenor factions
  2. Legendary ring completed on Irehi
  3. 100k gold saved up
  4. Grove Warden acquired
  5. 700 in all professions
  6. Level 100 character of all classes
  7. All characters moved from Emerald Dream to Moon Guard, Wyrmrest Accord, or Scarlet Crusade

Some of these will be easier than others. I’ve left a few things off that I briefly considered including – Ashran achievements, for one. I remember how impossible it was to get Tol Barad and Wintergrasp achievements after a new xpac makes that content obsolete, and there’s a small completionist part of me that wants to get as much done as I can. However, I’ve been trying to embrace my inner casual. All I need to do is remind myself that Ashran achievements would mean giving up roleplay, or leveling with my girlfriend, or working on the things I really want to finish.

This is the bare minimum I want to accomplish. I have enough gold to buy my Grove Warden carry, though it would utterly clean me out and set me behind in terms of #3. I may wait until I have enough capital built up to sustain a 30k loss. I’ve got four characters left on Emerald Dream to transfer, and I’ll probably do one per paycheck until they’re all moved. When I leave a server, I leave it. I don’t want to have my alts spread across a million different realms. Moon Guard for my Alliance characters, Wyrmrest Accord for Horde, and Scarlet Crusade for the ones that don’t fit anywhere else (my 80 twink druid,  for example).

And as for #6? I’ve got four classes to finish off. Warlock – mine is currently 92. Paladin – 93. Monk – 90. Druid – 46. I’m currently focusing on the druid. Everything else is already 90 or above and waiting at their garrisons for a chance to level. If I get really frantic, I can always splurge on a couple of Elixers of the Rapid Mind.

Or just boost my monk. The temptation is real.

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